Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Vintage Star Quilt

I recently had some overnight guests and realized that my own quilt supply is very sad. I still have some quilts that are 46 years old and I cherish them, but they truly show how much they have been loved. So it was the perfect time to make a quilt with some vintage star blocks that my grandmother made.

I grew up in a family of sewers and quilters. Grand-mothers, Aunts, and even Uncle Charley hand-stitched at the quilt frame. My family did not have the money or luxury of new fabrics at their fingertips. All of the fabrics in these blocks were cut from scraps left from sewn curtains and clothing, and sometimes from used clothing. 

When I look at this quilt, I see my uncles in plaid shirts, and my grand-mother and aunts in flowered house dresses. I remember the prints.

I love this quilt. It proudly decorates the sofa in my sewing room, waiting for our next quest. It gives me inspiration while I quilt, and reminds me of my family of quilters.

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Lisa Silver said...

This is such a gorgeous and cheerful quilt! I love it and love how it incorporates old fabrics. What a perfect way to capture memories.