Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dresden Plate Quilt

I inherited some vintage pieced dresden plates.  I think they were pieced by my grandmother, so they are very special.  I made the quilt for my beautiful daughter.  

Two of the plates had a pale yellow center, but Lisa loves white, so I replaced those.  I appliqued the plates on a white background, added a bright backing, and scalloped the edges.  Hand quilting is too slow for me, so I straight line quilted it on my machine with a walking foot. What a great experience.  I loved making the quilt and we both love the results.  I was happy she wanted to show it off in the photo.

Be Creative and thanks for stopping by. 

New Sewing Room

It’s been a month since I’ve posted, but I've been very busy.  I got some cabinets and an oak table top for Christmas.  I was so excited.  After we got the furniture all set up, I was able to sift through some boxes that I inherited from my mom.   

I have lots of tools and thread that I store in the IKEA drawers.  My fabric stash is not huge, so it fits in the corner shelves.  I have a huge closet behind this view to store white fabrics, yarn, and other supplies.

I have IKEA shelves to store projects that my mom had started.
I also inherited a craft table for cutting and ironing that I move next to the oak sewing table to layout and baste my quilt layers.

I have a linen texture on the walls, which I laugh about now, because its' not new, but I love it.  I do need more artwork for inspiration.  I love working in my new space.  

I have finally started quilting and have 4 completed.  I hope you visit to see how they turned out. 

Be Creative and thanks for stopping by.