Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mistake or Home-Made?

My dad got the next finished quilt from the tops I inherited from my mother.  It is a new fixture on his couch, and someone is always snuggling in it. 

This was the most recent project she was working on and it was not in a completed state.  I had to put some blocks and rows together and add the blue border.  In that process, I didn't actually see the pattern the small squares made.  I realized I had put one of the small block portions together incorrectly, long after the border was sewn.  I decided to keep it that way.  It is very hard to find and it makes me smile to remember how precise my mom's work was.  

Some will disagree, but I believe that some mistakes help define "home-made" gifts and make them even more precious.

Be Creative and thanks for stopping by. 

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Lisa Silver said...

This is simply amazing! I think this is just perfect!